Arc 7 Proposal

Arcologies of


Building Arcologies of Well-being for the Conscious Community

300 page proposal
by Teré Foster is a network of non-profits and co-ops looking for leaders, thinkers, artists, healers, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors who are ready to help bring about Global Well-Being one arcology at a time.

Building communities from the inside out and the bottom up.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

Make a man a co-owner of a co-op fish hatchery

and he never has to fish again.


The Secret: You transformed him from

an “employee / consumer” to an “owner / producer.”

Building Global Well-Being

One Arcology at a Time

Arcologies of Well-Being are worker owned co-ops organized by members of the conscious community who plan, design, build, own, and operate resorts nearby and around the world.  An arcology of well-being is a resort where patrons are immersed in an environment of well-being because is it run by a powerful group of highly evolved people who are thriving in today’s competitive economy.  “Arc 7” is the socio-economic governance system within the arcology that provides a safe place to live, work, raise a family, and contribute to the arcology. Involvement in Arc 7 will transform its members from the lonely, struggling employee/consumer to the cherished, well-connected owner / producer.  The Arc 7 system is designed to provide the seven human needs we all have in common: stability, nurturing, support, love, connection, cooperation, and achievement.

After building the Arc 7 working prototype, this experimental arcology model can be built around the world to address our seven biggest global concerns: poverty, disease, illiteracy, tensions, loneliness, inequality, and destruction of the planet.  Arc 7 permanently solves all seven concerns at once for those who live there.  Perhaps this is a solution for rebuilding places that have been devastated by a hurricane. Perhaps this could be a solution for populations where there is a shortage of clean water and food that prevents them from progressing. Perhaps this is a solution for the illegal immigration along the Mexican border.  Perhaps their dream of crossing to America would stop, if their needs were met on the other side. For this reason we say that we are building global well-being … one arcology at a time.


Definitions continued--

VISION: A world where people work together in local hubs to fill the gaps in the local support system in order to meet each other’s needs, both physical and emotional, until there no longer exists poverty, disease, illiteracy, tensions, loneliness, inequality, or destruction of the planet.

MISSION: “To design and build a working prototype of an Arcology of Well-Being.” Our mission is to establish an organization that will raise funds to design and build a working prototype of the Arc 7 Model in Central Missouri in the next 5 years and continue building this model around the world.

PURPOSE: To solve our seven top global concerns with one model that can be built “nearby and around the world.” This model can even be used for colonization of other planets to prevent repeating the same mistakes found on Earth.

“Intentional Communities” are planned residential communities designed from the start to have a high
degree of social cohesion and teamwork. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision, in this case, “building environments of well-being.”

“Environments of Well-Being” are environments that are designed to meet physical needs and emotional needs with one system, transforming each person in that environment to the highest version of themselves.

“Physical Needs” are met through the Arc 7 system that operates within an Arcology of Well-Being.  It is an advanced socio-economic governance system that includes an independent, decentralized, worker-owned workplace, a sustainable infrastructure, self-contained food and utility production, and a built-in system for procreating Arc 7 anywhere in the world especially where there is the greatest need. Arc 7 is a money-making housing co-op with an automated production system that will abundantly provide food, water, shelter,
clothing, and sustainable utilities to ensure its members will thrive together in today's competitive economy.

“Emotional Needs” are the same for all people, no matter who we are or where we come from:
stability, nurturing, support, inclusion, confidence, cooperation, and achievement.  When emotional needs are met, well-being is improved, and transformation is experienced.

"Transformation" is a thoughtful change in the interpretation of life, self-definition, overarching life purpose, and life governing concerns. This transformation will improve the results of anything they aspire to do as a group or as individuals.

 “7 Gaps” in the local support system allow the continuation of poverty, disease, illiteracy, tensions, loneliness, inequality, and destruction of the planet. The Arc 7 System.

"7 Elements of Well-Being” are the basis of the Arc 7 objectives including Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, Personal Well-Being, Emotional Well-Being, Social Well-Being, Career Well-Being, and Global Well-Being. Today’s system of support has been designed to support these elements of well-being, however there are still many gaps left to fill in.


SHORT-TERM GOAL: Establish an online network structure where locals can plug in and find each other, including non-profits, co-ops, business owners, leaders, thinkers, artists, healers, innovators, inventors, builders, entrepreneurs, and investors. This online network structure will offer online training and think tanks to brainstorm, streamline, and plan how to implement the Arc 7 Proposal.

1-Tactical Planning - “Global Well-Being Think Tank” creates tactical plans.

2-Strategic Planning - The Arc 7 Proposal serves as the framework for all strategic planning.

3-Operational Planning - Glass Frog self-governance software provides members of the Think Tank with the opportunity to offer to play a role in the implementation process, and to define their own roles, with its specific domain, tasks, and responsibilities.

4-Contingency Planning - Glass Frog self-governance software provides members of the Think Tank with an efficient way to address issues as the encounter them and make the necessary adjustments to the plan as needed.


LONG-TERM GOAL:  Implement the Arc 7 Proposal in 7 Phases. See description of the 7 Phases here.



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