Arc 7 Plan in a Nutshell:

7 Teams work together to develop the Arc 7 plan that can be learned and memorized as a slogan:


We share the vision
of building Arcologies of Well-Being
online first, then on land,
from the inside out and the ground up,
self-contained and self-sustaining,

nearby and around the world.


We share the vision ...

The Survival Team of Producers will share the Global Well-Being vision, raise funds, increase enrollment, earn income, and launch sales campaigns. They will plan the food system, the utilities, and product development for a future arcology long before it is built.


… of building arcologies of well-being

The Body Team is made up of Well-Being Consultants who will teach new members how to  foster well-being in themselves and others when they join the Global Well-Being Academy.


    … online first, then on land

The Mind Team is made up of Online Educators who will teach the details of the Arc 7 system online first, using online management tools, will find the right people to fill specific roles. They will teach and train new members and begin to organize local projects that are the first stages of the arcology.


… from the inside out,

The Spirit Team is made up of Life Purpose Developers who will work with the people who intend to live inside the arcology to help them experience a paradigm shift from being the employee consumer to becoming the owner producer until each member joins a team that will develop their life purpose. The team will help address emotional issues to overcome them in a positive and
creative way.


… and the ground up,

The Family Team is made up of Hub Organizers who will help local members to form a local hub. The Team will build a kinder organization “from the ground up” instead of the usual CEO model with authority trickling from the top down to guard against inequality. They will help each team member find a role to play in the think tank style of governance that aligns with their life purpose. Authority over the work will be given to those doing the work rather than authority given to one person over another. The hub will organize projects, classes, and collaborations in one location to build connection and a sense of tribal family connection between members.


… self-contained and self-sustaining.

The Community Team is made up of Arc 7 Builders who will plan, design, and build an arcology of well-being. They will research locations, apply for grants, form co-ops, choose one of our approved Arc 7 blueprints, or submit a new blueprint for approval. They will search for an appropriate piece of land that will have enough space to fully sustain its members. They will implement the Arc 7 Team Management System that will organize the conscious community as they build self-contained and self-sustaining arcologies around the world.


… nearby and around the world.

The Humanity Team is made up of Global Travelers who will support arcology building around the world with their labor, skills, and expertise. They will help from beginning to end as each
arcology project is initiated and help each new member advance through the seven phases.


The first arcology will be a working prototype of Arc 7.


Tere Foster has written a series of materials she calls Well-Being Academy including books, journals, workbooks, music, videos, a daily planner, and other organizational systems.  Her motto is to be “more than a survivor, but a THRIVOR.”

Teresa more often goes by the nickname Teré (rhymes with hurray!).  She developed 3DHealth.Net in 1993, an online publishing company to market her work.  Highly motivated, she designed many web sites and produced 170 videos demonstrating cooking with whole foods at MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com. Her passion for home food production began her journey to become “the producer” instead of “the consumer.” This plan blossomed into building Arcologies that are self-contained and self-sustaining.

Teré is the daughter of Pastor Joseph Gregory who passed away in 2012 after serving 35 years as a missionary to 44 countries around the world. Foster herself had a “born again experience” at age 17 and believes she was called at that time to a public ministry through her books, music, and teaching materials. She shares her vision through a combination of public speaking, music performance, videos, written materials, and websites.  Over the years Teré has studied many religions and has expanded her perspective to appreciate the beauty of all beliefs, as long as they lead a person to greater well-being.

Her primary life focus is to “build Arcologies of Well-Being from the inside out.”  Her materials are designed to create a paradigm shift from service to self to service to others. In other words, from asking “what’s in it for me?” to asking, “what will cause the greatest global good?”

Teré Foster offers a certification course to interested leaders to become Well-Being Consultants and form hubs where the conscious community can gather in their local areas.  These hubs will eventually grow, plan, design, and build Arcologies of Well-Being from the inside out and the ground up.  To learn more visit GlobalWell-Being.org.

A Work Table

A Work Table

Each format for gathering provides the table where we can bring all the pieces together of a larger vision.

Most people in the conscious community can see the wisdom of gathering and unifying the established organizations and projects around the world.

Unifying efforts will offer strength in numbers as well as crucial sharing of knowledge and resources.

Oneness is the only logical choice, especially for those who haven't yet found the perfect direction in which to focus their gifts.

Where can this kind of collaboration take place?

It is our vision to provide the table for conscious collaboration on a global scale.


A Scouting Process

A Scouting Process

GlobalWell-Being.org serves as a sorting process to identify strengths, find those who are truly interested in the vision, ready for leadership positions, or needing more teaching, training or development.

By participating in the discussion at the bottom of every page, you will become more aware of the overall vision, to see if it resonates with your own goals and life purpose or the goals of your organization.

You will have an opportunity to see where your gifts and talents best fit into the larger vision of Global Well-Being.

The ultimate goal of this sorting process is to create the freedom of a high-energy, productive collaboration between people with no limiting thoughts or beliefs.

How big can you dream?  What are your limits?  How can we help each other?

A Master Plan

A Master Plan

Like an erector  set, we gather the pieces of Global Well-Being and arrange them on the table where we can see them all in one view.

As we collect more and more pieces with exciting shapes and sizes, each one adds new possibilities.

GlobalWell-Being.com is a very simple opportunity to bring individual pieces of the erector set together to create a functional and powerful system.

There are many effective organizations around the world, each with their special purpose. They are establishing their portion of the greater vision. They may or may not see the need to link to our vision.  They may function perfectly without linking in with others at all.  Yet we believe that oneness has many advantages.


We look forward to meeting you! 

Please use the comment box below to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to be involved with GlobalWell-Being.org!